In Memory of Sue Heron

07 Aug 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Sue Heron, head of programme development for Tatty Bumpkin passed away suddenly on July 10th 2020. Sue had overseen the rich, multi-sensory curriculum at Tatty Bumpkin for 13 years and leaves a devastated team - Sue’s passion and enthusiasm had infused their lives.

Sue Heron was originally a Paediatric Physiotherapist in the NHS for many years, but her joyful, playful nature found a home with Tatty Bumpkin where she could share her extraordinary knowledge and combine it with a creative, engaging, multi-sensory programme. Her background was in children with profound physical needs, and Sue bought her programme expertise & compassion to the Tatty Bumpkin classes, but also to the franchisees where she always had time to talk & support. She worked alongside Sam Petter, the founder of Tatty Bumpkin & they shared many adventures along their journey. It’s hard to put into words just how much Sue cared about helping children & families - her passion was creating a joy of movement that every child could relate to. She was joyous, caring, empathetic & kind to all who knew her. All of us at Tatty Bumpkin are devastated, some of the words from the franchisees...

“Sue was the most passionate & helpful person I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. What a spirit.”

“Never did I ever meet a kinder, more gentle, funny, generous, calm, passionate human being. Always so reassuring & optimistic. Cheated? Yes.”

“Sue gave us all a wonderful gift - & that was pure joy & happiness.”

“We were so lucky to have had Sue in our lives - her laugh was contagious & she was an example to us all in so many ways.”

And for me, Sam, Sue & I were two halves of a whole, bringing totally different skills & interests to our work. We laughed every day, we kept sight of what was important, we supported each other, & understood each other completely. Even during lockdown we would speak 2/3 times a day about everything & anything. I will miss her beyond words.

Sam Petter, Founder, Tatty Bumpkin

I am shocked and so saddened to hear of the sudden death of Sue Heron.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Sue during the early days of the Children’s Activities Association. Sue was on the steering group to launch the CAA and then she was a member of the committee to develop the CAA accreditation. From day one it was very clear how important improving the lives of children and families was to Sue and how dedicated she was to this cause. Sue made such a valuable contribution in all her CAA activity during that year and was a highly respected member of the founding team.

It is Sue’s friendly approach and beaming smile alongside her considerable knowledge that I remember most vividly. Sue leaves a massive legacy in the children’s activities sector and she will be missed terribly.

My thoughts are very much with her family and friends at this awful time.

Sam Willoughby, on behalf of the CAA

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