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The CAA Launches to set and raise standards in children's activities across the UK

12 Feb 2015 1:38 PM | Anonymous

Welcome to the Children's Activities Association

A first in the UK, the CAA is a professional organisation of organised children's activity providers and experts.

The CAA mission is to:

Give parents a bench mark for all organised children's activities by establishing and improving consistent standards & accreditation
Give more children the opportunity to experience a wider range of organised activities

How will the CAA do this?

Establish a membership scheme for children's activity providers and supporting services
Establish an accreditation scheme for children's activity providers
Commission research, campaign for improvements and promote the benefits of children's activities
Award grants to community projects involving organised children's activities
Work with policy makers to influence relevant legislation

Who are the CAA?

The CAA is a Community Interest Company with no shareholders where all profits must be used to benefit our mission.

The founding team is led by Sam Willoughby Managing Director of What's On 4 the multi-award winner provider of online guides of children's activities in the UK and worldwide since 2006. Joining What's On 4 are leading providers of children's activities as well as other professionals and experts who work within the industry too.

The founding team are all passionate about providing the best organised children's activities in the world and are dedicated to making the CAA a success.

For more information please download our latest press release.


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