Fully Accredited Members

Congratulations to these CAA Members who have achieved their Full Accreditation and are now Fully Accredited CAA Members.

What does this mean? 

All the Members below have completed all 5 accreditation modules covering compliance, training, customer service, programme and delivery.  And they have had a visit to confirm all policies and evidence is in order from the independent accrediting organisation, Fundamentally Children led by Dr Amanda Gummer PhD

This is significant achievement and the ONLY independent accreditation for children's activities in the UK.

All policies must be maintained and reviewed at least every 12 months.  After 3 years CAA accreditation is renewed.

Find out more about CAA accreditation here.

Although we have carried out a number of checks on the accredited third party activity providers listed on this site, as they are completely independent to us, we make no endorsement or any recommendation of their services (or any non-accredited provider listed on our site) and you use their services entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or other liability you (or any other person) may suffer as a result of you choosing such activity, other than liability which we are not legally permitted to exclude or limit.

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