• 25 Jan 2016 2:56 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you Early Years Childcarer Magazine for this super feature on CAA accreditation where 4 of our members talk about what accreditation has meant to them and the parents that attend their classes.

    Read the full article and much more in Early Year Childcarer Magazine.

  • 13 Jan 2016 3:12 PM | Anonymous

    Who is best to advise you of the right class or club for your kids?

    Fellow parents and carers? Maybe not……..

    Often we’ll get fabulous recommendations for stuff to do with our kids from other mums and dads during those chats in the playground, via our social media or at coffee mornings and playdates etc. It’s also lovely to join friends at groups and activities. A regular, weekly ‘meet-up’ is very positive and a great way for babies and children to establish friendships and learn to look forward to regular contact with their buddies.

    BUT, are other parents always going tell you everything you need to know about a group or class?

    The answer is a simple NO.

    Of course they can tell you it’s fun and they have a good time. But, unless they have been very thorough in their research will they be able to advise you whether the teacher is qualified and their level of experience? What about safeguarding and child protection? Does the class leader or any of their team have any convictions or a criminal history? Are they insured? Are they trained in first aid? What’s their policy on accidents? Health and Safety? Risk assessments? What if your child or you were injured in the class? What would happen? Has the venue and their equipment been checked and then assessed on a regular basis? Will your and your child’s details or identity or images - including photographs and film - be made available to any 3rd parties or even made public? Can they explain the structure of the class and the class objectives? 

    The thought of a child being harmed during any activity is extremely upsetting but knowing they were only there on the recommendation of a friend who didn’t do their research is even more distressing for all involved.

    The problem is ANYONE can set up a children’s class or activity, without qualification or training – it’s a real mine-field and parents understandably DO make assumptions that surely all this must be in place for the class to be allowed to run.  

    Now the solution is very simple. Of course, seek recommendations from friends and other parents for great activities and classes. And then, all you need to do is to ask the provider if they are a CAA member. If they are NOT there might be a very good – or very bad – reason why. So just ask before you commit.

    You are just one question away from peace of mind regarding your children’s activities – regarding who they come into contact with, what they do and how it’s done – and that’s got to make sense.

  • 11 Jan 2016 9:09 AM | Anonymous

    Your team are your brand ambassadors - train them well!

    Guest blog from Dr Amanda Gummer Phd

    You have built up a fantastic programme and you’ve watched children thrive, parents rave about the activity and you can’t keep up with demand. It’s now time to expand - but how do you ensure that the staff or franchisees that you take on are going to protect your brand and deliver the programme that you’ve developed?

    One bad teacher and your whole brand will suffer - not to mention all those children who won’t get the opportunity to enjoy the activity as you would want them to.

    The CAA accreditation helps you review your programme, the delivery and the training of your team to ensure that all three elements work together, contributing to consistently high standards no matter who is delivering the activity under your name.

  • 10 Dec 2015 1:34 PM | Anonymous

    Guest Post from Dr Amanda Gummer PhD

    "...there is a responsibility on the provider of the class to report any suspicions of child abuse and if an activity provider doesn’t have a policy on how they and any staff/franchisees are expected to deal with it, should the worst happen, they would be left vulnerable as they wouldn’t be able to provide evidence that they followed correct procedures for that child."

    The CAA accreditation is developed to raise standards across the children’s activity industries and is being embraced by all sizes of business.

    In particular, it’s incredibly valuable for organisations that started off small but are now expanding, maybe thinking about franchising or maybe employing staff to run additional classes.

    This is an exciting but incredibly stressful time for an organisation and the CAA Accreditation process can help make sure that these organisations have solid foundations upon which to build their businesses.

    The amount of things you need to know when running your own business is daunting, but even more so is all the stuff you never knew you needed to know.

    Amanda talks about CAA accreditation in this 'up close and personal' vlog.

    The CAA accreditation is a step by step process that ensures organisations don’t get caught out with issues that can potentially ruin a whole business.

    Take child protection for example, many providers of preschool activities don’t think that this is an issue for them as the parents stay with the child. However, there is a responsibility on the provider of the class to report any suspicions of child abuse and if an activity provider doesn’t have a policy on how they and any staff/franchisees are expected to deal with it, should the worst happen, they would be left vulnerable as they wouldn’t be able to provide evidence that they followed correct procedures for that child. 

    It’s a mine field but it doesn’t need to be that scary. The CAA has been set up to support members through the accreditation process and the accreditation modules have been split into 5 manageable modules - Compliance, Training, Programme, Delivery and Customer Service. Members need to complete the compliance module first and then can plan to obtain the remaining modules in a time frame that suits them.

    So yes, the CAA Accreditation logo gives parents peace of mind and will help give an activity provider a competitive edge on it’s competitors, but, and possibly more importantly, it helps minimise the risks involved for activity providers and allows them to sleep at night too!


  • 17 Nov 2015 9:58 AM | Anonymous

    The CAA is delighted to support the What's On 4 Junior awards again and in particular we are thrilled to announce a brand new award to recognise CAA members that are going above and beyond.

    The CAA Member of the Year award will be presented to a CAA member who is helping children, parents, families, their community or even their own team.  This could be a national brand or an individual who not only provides high quality children's activities and shares the CAA's passion for improving standards for all but also does much more to improve the lives of others.

    The CAA Board will have the difficult task of determining the winner of this award.

    Nominations are now open for CAA Member of the Year and a range of other awards that CAA members qualify for including another new award Industry Champion of the Year

    We are looking forward to the 2016 What's On 4 Junior Awards ceremony and What's On 4 10th birthday celebrations on 23rd June 2016 at Chessington World of Adventures with the wonderful Mr Sid Sloane.

    Looks like 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for children's activities providers!

  • 14 Oct 2015 2:39 PM | Anonymous

    CAA Founding members at the launch of new baby swimming guidelinesThe CAA were honoured to attend the launch of the new code of practice for baby swimming lessons and underwater photography.

    Several of the CAA founding members joined Neil Parish MP, the ASA, Splash About and the BSI at the Houses of Parliament on 13th October to officially acknowledge 2 years of hard work by a nationwide team to establish the new guidelines.

    Steve Franks from Water Babies thanked all those involved and stressed the importance of change, something these guidelines will bring about.

    Steve is pictured with Sam Willoughby and Suzanne Borrell from What's On 4, all founding members of the CAA.

  • 24 Sep 2015 2:25 PM | Anonymous

    The CAA had the honor to sponsor and attend the mumandworking awards this week hosted by Natwest at RBS in Bishopsgate, London.

    mumandworking Awards are all about:

    • Empowering parents to achieve their potential
    • Realising the enormous commercial benefits of flexible working to employers and business owners
    • Recognising the substantial contribution to the UK economy
    • Supporting modern-day, family life
    • Celebrating the importance of the UK's parent-preners

    Many of the CAA members work very flexibly around other commitments so we were delighted to be part of this very inspiring event again along with 180 attendees and hear from Annabel Karmel, Caprice and the RBS Head of Enterprise, Julie Baker.

    Many CAA members were also involved and Anne-Marie founder of  diddidance and Sam Willoughby of What's On 4 and both CAA Founding Member were 2 of the judges, Morton Michel CAA Founding Member and Swimkidz were both category sponsors, Debbie Bird CAA Non-Executive Director was also a judge.

    The CAA sponsored the Best use of technology or innovation within a family-friendly business Category and this is for any business/charity/company or operation utilising technology or new innovations to facilitate flexible working - APPS, multi-functional websites, online communication systems etc

    Ian Sharland from Baby Sensory and CAA Founding Member presented the award on behalf of the CAA and our huge congratulations go to all the finalists:

    • WINNER - First Aid for Life and
    • VIP FINALIST - Naturally Creative Ltd
    • VIP FINALIST - The Baby Keepsake Company Ltd

    In particular, congratulations to our CAA members - didn't they do well!


    Finalist in Franchisor of the Year, Finalist Start Up Business of the Year

    Baby Sensory - CAA Founding Member

    Winner Franchisor of the Year, Winner Best International Flexible Business, Finalist Franchisee of the Year

    Rhythm Time - CAA Founding Member

    Highly Commended Franchisor of the Year, Winner Franchisee of the Year


    Finalist in Franchisor of the Year, Highly Commended Most Inspiring Business Parent of the Year

    Reading Fairy - CAA Fellowship Member

    Finalist Start Up Business of the Year

    diddidance - CAA Founding Member

    Highly Commended Franchisee of the Year

  • 21 Sep 2015 2:38 PM | Anonymous

    We are delighted to have received coverage from the media across the UK online and in print.  Here is just a small selection:

    Right Start magazine Sept/Oct 2015 p37 Simply the best!

    Raring 2 Go

    Leisure Week

  • 23 Jun 2015 1:42 PM | Anonymous

    The CAA were delighted to attend the What's On 4 Junior Awards last week at Drayton Manor along with over 160 finalists and guests.  The What's On 4 Junior Awards are in their 9th year and celebrate the best children's activities in the UK, Australia and Ireland. 

    The CAA was lucky enough to sponsor the Best New Activity award as we are here to help and support new children's activities providers as they start and grow their businesses.   Sam Willoughby presented the winner, Bilinguasing, and the highly commended, Frenchtastic & Spanishtastic, with their certificates and prizes.

    Ian Sharland from Baby Sensory, a CAA founding member, had the opportunity to address the huge audience to explain a little more about the CAA.

    Many congratulations to all finalists and winners from the CAA and especially to the many CAA members:  Baby Sensory, Enjoy-a-Ball, Sing and Sign, Tumble Tots, Water Babies, Mini Professors, Frenchtastic & Spanishtastic and Swimkidz!




  • 16 Jun 2015 2:55 PM | Anonymous

    There are so many benefits for little ones attending classes and groups, (including the perfect excuse for parents to get out of the house) - but finding the best activity for your little one can be pretty overwhelming! With hundreds of classes out there – it's hard to know which will suit your child best!

    Choosing the right class

    Like all things parenting, it’s really finding what works for you and your little one and choosing something that fits in with their age and stage of development.

    Music and singing classes are a brilliant way to support learning. One of the biggest benefits of singing is the repeated use of the ‘memory muscle’. Learning a piece of information attached to a tune, embeds that information more rapidly in a child’s mind. Dancing, swimming and even little yoga classes are fantastic for little ones physical and social development and a great way of channelling that never-ending energy.

    If you really can’t decide, don't worry! Many classes offer taster sessions – so it’s worth trying a few before signing up for a term.

    Do your research!

    Check the class credentials – it’s something that's important and something that so many parents forget. In a recent survey by the Children’s Activities Association (CAA) ...Read full article

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