Laura Davis

Reality HR

Having spent over 20 years honing her HR and management skills in the challenging environment of some of the biggest retail giants, Laura decided to jump off the corporate treadmill and start her own business in 2004. And she hasn’t looked back.

The driving force behind the success of the business, Laura is extremely focused, with a clear vision for the company’s future. Pragmatic, practical and realistic, her ability to cut to the chase and find the best solution has shaped the ethos of the business. And that’s what makes her different - she like to focus on the end game, the business impact and the best result.

Shaping up the overall direction of the business, Laura is the face of the company and leads business development. Meeting clients and building a rapport with like-minded business owners is one of her greatest skills. The experience she has gained as a business owner herself enables her to easily step into our clients’ shoes – seeing things from their perspective. It also makes her a natural interface at a senior level – taking a strategic HR Director role for many clients.

A creative and natural problem solver, Laura is always looking for the best solution for the long term, focusing on the business implications. She provides a valuable sounding board for business owners, challenging their thought processes to achieve the right results. She champions demystifying HR – often using analogies from her love of sport to explain situations. She also has a penchant for tricky disciplinary & grievance issues – we think her secret desire to be a policewoman has brought out a great investigative mind!

Laura is definitely a people person. She is passionate about great customer service, and ideally suited to working in a service based business. And frankly, given what the clients and team say, we’d say she is fantastic at running this one!

What clients and team say about working with Laura:

“Laura takes a director level approach, participating in board meetings and maintains contact with the MD as a sounding board. She challenges him, which I think is good for him and us. As a result of the challenge, we often approach things in a different way, which has, on occasion, changed our thinking about specific practices or employees.”

“Laura has a very agile mind, making her very good on her feet – both as a presenter and when put on the spot. She is a natural sales person, aligning herself well with the client, and invariably growing the business. Extremely focused, ambitious and driven, she brings a clarity of vision and purpose and is able to think strategically about the business.”

“Laura is hugely passionate about the business, and I really admire her drive and sense of purpose. She is flexible and open-minded, and is always willing to accept new ideas and suggestions. As a reflector, I know she likes to think things through rather than jumping in with both feet, but she is still a responsive and strong decision maker. Warm and fun, she is great to be around, and I am enormously proud to be working with her.”

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