In a world of pie there are eaters and there are bakers #caaconf


Live in a pie scarce world

I don't know or care how to bake

Pie is magically handed down from above

Pie may stop coming

I must be constantly vigilant to ensure I get my pie

If someone else is eating pie that's pie I can't have

If someone takes pie from me I will just have less pie

If someone else isn't getting pie that's okay because it means there is more pie for me

I must be suspicious of others and guard my pie

I should never freely give pie, as there may not be more pie coming later

I must make sure that I get enough pie even if it costs others their pie

If I get too much pie while others don’t have enough, that’s okay because it safeguards me against a future lack of pie


Live in a pie abundant world

I love baking pie, it makes me happy

The more mouths there are eating my pie the better as it creates more opportunity for me to bake more pie

There is always more pie available, because I can just bake it

If someone starts helping me bake pie that is awesome as it allows me to make more new and interesting pies

If someone else is better than me at baking pie that’s even better as now I have someone to learn from and grow my own pie baking skills

If we run out of pie that just increases the importance of my pie baking skills and I should seek to find more bakers to help me fill this pie void

If someone takes some of my pie, well that’s no problem because I know there is more pie coming tomorrow

Credit to Guy Kawasaki

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